Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back2Eden Natural Bath & Body, LLC

Soap Challenge DNA Helix Swirl

This is my second Soap Challenge and
I am loving every minute of it!!!
Thank You Amy!
The colors I chose were Hollywood Pink, Apple Green,
Yellow and Black Oxide.
One challenge I found with this was the more colors you use it can become a little confusing when you're trying to line your colors up. I used a tried and true cold process recipe that gave me adequate time to work with my five colors. I did try a new fragrance in which I call "Citrus Sunshine" so I was not sure how it would react so I added it right before placing my batch in the mold.

I am already looking forward to next months challenge!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Back2Eden Naturals Butterfly Swirl

I've been soaping for about 2-years and the name of my business is "Back2Eden Natural Bath & Body, LLC" this year I took the plunge and I joined my very first Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge in pursuit of 2015 being a Year to be more "Adventurous".

The tutorial video that was given by Great Cakes Soapworks, was GREAT, thanks Amy for the opportunity to learn new things and thank you Zahida from "Handmade in Florida" for sharing your talents with the soap world. Being me I must admit I deviated a little from the videos, I wanted to add my own personal touch. "FLAVOR"  Not that my design would give a greater outcome. It's funny when you have something in mind and then you try and implement it, one never knows what will be the outcome. Especially in soap making when you trying new designs. Sometimes it works and other times it's back to the drawing board. For me it's in the excitement of something similar to opening a gift, after creating a design with soap you can't wait to basically open the package (i.e., cut to soap) to see your outcome. Even your mess ups can be a Great Success. In this instance I was pleasantly SUPRISED.

For my Butterfly Swirl soap challenge I used a tried and true mixture of oils that will usually cooperate when you're trying to do a design in which the batch will not move too fast meaning thicken quickly. Below was my first attempt at the butterfly swirl. One of my goals was to be able to put my soaps side by side without a lot of manipulation and it worked. You can see my Video of making this soap Butterfly Swirl on YouTube


In my first batch I used a fragrance from Bramble Berry ""White Ginger & Amber". The six mica colors were (Apple Green, Yellow Vibrance, Purple Vibrance, Blue Vibrance, Fandango Pink and Umber Brown in which I added extra to make it darker) all from Nuture Soap Supplies in which I love to work with Nuture's micas due to their colors generally staying true to what you see in the package. This is not to say anything in a negative light about any other company that offers micas.

Below are some examples of my second batch, I deviated a little from my swirl and got a totally different look.

This was indeed a challenge!